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Community Project Funding FAQs

I think this account may be a good fit for my project. What’s next?

Once you identify accounts that may fit your project, you are welcome to reach out to our office to discuss those accounts in greater detail. We can walk you through the eligibility requirements and give examples of past successful requests. Please note that we cannot review a draft application to offer feedback prior to an applicant officially applying.

Have there been significant eligibility changes from prior years?

Unfortunately, House Republican leadership has determined that no “museums, memorials, or commemoratives (i.e., projects named for an individual or entity)” will be eligible for funding this year. Further, non-profits are now restricted from applying under certain accounts, and fewer accounts are available overall. We are disappointed by these arbitrary decisions and will continue to press for changes in future years.

Can I request funding for “bricks and mortar”?

Yes, as long as the project is eligible based on the statutory requirements of the appropriate account. Popular “bricks and mortar” accounts include EPA State and Tribal Assistance Grants and HUD Economic Development Initiatives.


Do all accounts have matching or cost-share requirements?

It varies depending on the statutory requirements for each account, which all projects will be expected to meet. Account descriptions below include additional information about matching and cost-share requirements.


How important are examples of community engagement?

The House Appropriations Committee has emphasized that demonstrating community support for your project is essential to a successful submission. You are welcome to submit as much evidence as you’d like, but we would recommend submitting at least two to three examples.


How much funding should I request?

This will vary by account based on guidance from the House Appropriations Committee. Staff can advise on an appropriate range, depending on the account. Generally, you should not request more assistance than you need or can realistically be spent in the upcoming fiscal year.


If my project is funded, will I receive the full amount I requested?

It is possible to receive a portion of the requested amount. These decisions are made at the discretion of Committee leadership and can depend on the total amount of funding available for Community Project Funding.


Should I submit my request to multiple members of the Maine delegation?

The entire delegation is committed to coordinating efforts to secure funding for Maine-based projects. As the House and Senate have different deliberation processes, you are welcome to submit project requests to Maine’s Senators in addition to Congresswoman Pingree. Please contact Senator King’s and Senator Collins’ offices directly for guidance with the Senate’s application process.


If your project is located in the 2nd Congressional District, we encourage you to reach out to Congressman Golden’s office for more information about their CPF submission process.


How will you choose which 15 projects to submit to the Committee?

With such a limited number of submissions, our office will likely receive many more eligible and worthy requests for funding than we can ultimately support. Our process will prioritize requests that fulfill each requirement and provide strong justifications for the need for federal funding. 


If you submit my request to the Committee, will it be approved? When will I know?

All of Congresswoman Pingree’s CPF requests were fully funded and signed into law in FY22 and FY23. While we cannot guarantee the same in FY24, we’re hopeful for a similar result. 


The House is expected to begin consideration of FY24 appropriations bills this summer. However, community projects are not finalized until their respective bills pass the House and Senate and are signed into law. Though FY24 is set to begin on October 1, 2023, final negotiations may stretch beyond that date. FY23’s appropriations legislation was not passed until late December 2022, so please keep that in mind if your funding need is especially urgent.


What if I miss your request deadline?

Unfortunately, the timeline for submissions this year is compressed. Given that we will have very limited time to consider requests before our final submissions to the Committee are due, we cannot accept requests after our March 16 deadline.


Are Community Project Funding submissions publicly disclosed?

Yes, there are significant transparency requirements for CPFs. Information about each of our submissions will be posted on our website, along with a certification provided by our office that Congresswoman Pingree and her immediate family have no financial interest in any of the projects.


Selected projects will also be listed prominently within the legislation and throughout the appropriations process.


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