Congresswoman Chellie Pingree

Representing the 1st District of Maine


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This is just a sampling of my thoughts on some of the most important issues facing Maine and the country.  If you have questions about my stance on another issue or specific bill, please contact me

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Gun Violence

I continue pushing Congress to take meaningful action to address the national crisis of gun violence.  Watch this page for updates on my efforts. 

Jobs and Economic Development

As our economy continues to struggle with the down economy, our number one priority should be getting Mainers back to work. To do that, we need investment in our state and support for small businesses.

Legislation to reduce food waste

Keep posted to for updates on Congresswoman Pingree's legislation.

Lyme Disease

With the number of cases rising steadily in recent years, Lyme disease is a growing problem in Maine and other states.  I'm working to make sure we're doing everything we can to confront it on the federal level, but we all need to take steps to limit our risk.  

Sweden lobster ban

Look below for updates on Sweden's proposed ban on the importation of American lobsters into the European Union.

Reforming agriculture policy

Unlike the rest of the country, the number of farms in Maine is increasing and the age of our farmers decreasing. More and more families are turning to local producers for healthy, sustainable foods. We need federal policy to support this trend, which is healthy for our bodies and our economy.

Veterans Issues

We must provide for those who willingly put themselves in harm's way in the defense of our every day freedoms. I am committed to providing our troops with the resources they need to do their jobs, during peacetime and war.

Affordable Health Care

Everyone deserves access to quality, affordable health care. The healthcare reform package Congress passed took great steps toward improving that access, but there’s more to be done.

Clean, affordable energy

Every time gas and oil go up by $1 dollar, Maine’s economy loses a billion dollars that it will never get back. That’s unsustainable for our state and our families. Maine has the natural resources to produce affordable energy here at home while producing jobs and being good for the environment.

Supporting Seniors

Medicare and Social Security work to keep thousands of Mainers out of poverty. But they’ve become targets for those who’d rather cut benefits than having the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share. We need to protect these critical benefits and make sure they are there for the next generation.

Ending the Wars

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken a toll on our economy and our families—and they’re not making us any safer. It’s time to bring our troops home and put the $8 billion a month we spend there back into the country.

Looking out for consumers

If we found out one thing from the financial crisis, it’s that no one was looking out to protect consumers or keep Wall Street’s irresponsible practices in check. We need to make the right changes to prevent another meltdown from happening and have someone to fight for the interests of the consumer.

Protecting Working Waterfronts

Maine's working waterfronts support 30,000 jobs but are incredibly vulnerable to development. Our communities need more resources to protect this critical resource.

Net Neutrality

I strongly believe that the Internet should remain a free and open exchange of information, which is what has made it such a success. That is why I have supported strong net neutrality policies and will continue to fight against efforts of big broadband providers to set up slow and fast lanes on the Internet.



The fishing industry is incredibly important to Maine. I'm working in Washington and here at home for fair regulations, better science, and more resources for all types of Maine fishermen.

Fishing Coastal Communities

More on Fishing Coastal Communities

Foreign Relations

For more information concerning my work and views on Foreign Affairs issues, please contact me.

Military Sexual Trauma

One of my top priorities is making sure that we are doing everything we can to help and support our men and women in uniform who were sexually assaulted during their service. Please check this page periodically for updates on Resources, Legislation, and Policy Updates.