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Meet Chellie

Chellie Pingree never anticipated a life in politics. Living on the offshore island of North Haven, Maine, she raised her kids and ran a small business. She served on the school board and as the local tax assessor, a job no one else in town wanted. But in 1991, when she was approached about running for State Senate, she jumped at the chance.

Disaster Resources

Maine continues to endure widespread flooding and damage from the storms on December 18, 2023 and January 10, 2024. If Maine people need emergency assistance, they should dial 911. If Maine people need non-emergency assistance, like information about where to find a warming or charging center, they should call 211, or text their zip code to 898-211.

Important Issues


Curbing Fast Fashion Pollution

I am working in Congress to curb fast fashion pollution and to find answers to how the fashion industry and federal government can better manage discarded clothing and textile waste.

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Community Safety

Since the beginning of my tenure in Congress, I’ve heard from countless students who feel unsafe at school, parents who fear for their children, and families who’ve suffered devastating losses due to firearms. Gun violence is preventable.

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Fighting for Abortion Access

By passing the Women’s Health Protection Act, House Democrats stepped up to defend reproductive rights and ensure Constitutional rights aren't limited by income or zip code, but until it passes the Senate, we will be looking to states to stand up for abortion care.

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Helping Asylum Seekers Join Our Workforce

With my Asylum Seeker Work Authorization Act, asylum seekers will no longer be subject to an arbitrary waiting period before applying for work authorization and would be eligible to receive a work permit just 30 days after applying for asylum.

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