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Let asylum seekers work

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Read my op-ed in the Portland Press Herald What do Manhattan and Maine have in common? Most would say not too much. Typically, they would be right. Yet the Big Apple and the Pine Tree State face a pair of common challenges today: historically tight labor markets and an influx of people desperately seeking asylum. Like other cities and states coming out of the pandemic, Maine is…

U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree: What the Inflation Reduction Act means to Mainers

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Dirigo. As Mainers, we know well the meaning of our Latin motto: “I Lead.” And we live by it. Whether by leading the United States in its approach to lowering health care costs, or by aggressively fighting climate change, Maine has made this motto much more than a word on a flag or a bumper sticker. Addressing the high price of prescription drugs has been one of my biggest focuses as an…

Pingree: Finally, Republicans Put Aside Partisanship to Act on Gun Violence

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Gun Violence Memorial National Mall UPI Photo

Maine First District Congresswoman Chellie Pingree today voted for urgently-needed gun violence prevention legislation, S. 2938, the Safer Communities Act. This commonsense bill includes many provisions first passed by Pingree and the House earlier this month, including funding for red flag laws, enhanced background checks for buyers under 21, increased…

Kids shouldn’t have to beg Congress to keep them safe

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Gun Violence Photo

Last week, I received a letter from an 8-year-old constituent of mine about the recent shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where 19 children around her age were gunned down in their classroom. Her words, handwritten on lined composition paper, broke my heart. “I can’t amagin what they are going throgh this 18 year old had no right to do what he did,” she wrote. Her misspelled words make the fact…

$2 Trillion A Year: The Price of Climate Inaction

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The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 marked the beginning of our collective awareness that we face an environmental crisis and that we must fight to protect our planet. Over the next 52 years, the environmental movement accomplished a lot — from the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency to the Clean Water Act — but when it comes to curbing the harmful effects of burning…

Rep. Pingree: Infrastructure bill win-win for our economy, environment

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Just before Thanksgiving, I was honored to join President Biden at the White House for the signing of the most expansive investment in American infrastructure since the construction of the interstate highway system. “From funding to repair our aging roads, bridges and ports to high-speed broadband expansion and legacy pollution cleanup,” the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs…

Why I support the Build Back Better Act

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For decades many of the biggest challenges facing our nation have been put on the backburner: child care affordability, a stronger safety net for aging Americans and people with disabilities, and our hazardous dependence on fossil fuels, to name just a handful.   President Biden ran on a platform to reform these failed policies. That Biden won more votes than any candidate in…

2017 Agriculture Census Results for Maine

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Maine – 2017 Agriculture Census   Total farms: 7,600 (2017), 8,173 (2012)   Land in farms: 1,307,613 (2017), 1,454,104 (2012)   Average size of farm: 172 (2017), 178 (2012)   Certified organic farms: 535 (2017), 457 (2012) Acres transitioning into certified organic production: 56 (2017), 65 (2012)   Milk cows (number of farms): 450 (2017), 581…

Government Shutdown FAQ

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President Trump's insistence on $5.7 billion in funding for an ineffective, wasteful border wall with Mexico has led to a partial government shutdown. I am working in the House to pass the appropriations bills we need to reopen government so we can have a meaninful debate on immigration and border security. This pointless shutdown is terrible for 800,000 public servants, the…

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