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Supporting Seniors

Medicare and Social Security work to keep thousands of Mainers out of poverty. But they've become targets for those who'd rather cut benefits than having the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share. We need to protect these critical benefits and make sure they are there for the next generation.

Don't Touch Medicare

For 60 years, Medicare has given millions of seniors the health care they need and kept them out of poverty. It's a benefit our seniors have worked hard to earn. Still, some see it as a way to balance a deficit that our seniors to cause. I'm against any cutting for Medicare benefits and medical care for our retirees and I vow to fight any proposals to do so.

Strengthening Social Security

Social Security is another important benefit that seniors worked hard to earn. But some want to change the program by scaring people into thinking it won't be around for the future. That's simply not true. There are ways to strengthen Social Security without cutting benefits.

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