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Save The Post Office

All Americans, particularly those in rural states like Maine, rely on USPS for mail and essential supplies. Since 1918, USPS has dedicated itself to deliver no matter snow nor rain nor heat.

Trump-appointed USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has used his time in the position to sabotage USPS—he has made sweeping cuts to the Post Office, including the removal and destruction of mail sorting machines in Maine and across the country. USPS has more than 600,000 career employees, including 100,000 veterans and more than 3,300 Mainers, and has 31,000 locations nationwide; however, the Postal Service receives effectively no support from the federal budget, and is subject to a cumbersome pre-funding mandate for its employee’s healthcare services.

In his brief time as Postmaster General, Mr. DeJoy has implemented policies that have slowed delivery times to unacceptable levels and resulted in undelivered mail. Since becoming Postmaster General, he has also invested tens of thousands of dollars in stock options in another USPS contractor and competitor. Both investments represent a tremendous conflict of interest.

I'm fighting to make sure the Post Office can survive and thrive in future years. I've voted three times since February 2020 to protect the Postal Service. Below you can find more information about my work to protect one of our country's essential services.

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