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Pingree slams Sweden for proposed Maine lobster ban

Says ban on export of lobsters to Europe totally unwarranted

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree had harsh words for Swedish officials who have asked the European Union to ban the import of Maine lobster.
"This is a complete overreaction on the part of Sweden.  We have safely exported live lobster to dozens of countries for decades, and even if it's true that a few Maine lobsters have been found in foreign waters, regulators need to look at the problem more carefully and not just jump to conclusions."
Pingree questions how Maine lobsters may have ended up in waters off the coast of Sweden.
"The idea that somehow lobsters are going to jump out of their tanks and crawl into the sea and survive just doesn't make sense," Pingree said. "Some reports have suggested that it's actually consumers who have bought lobsters and thrown them in the ocean.  Whatever the cause, EU officials should figure out what's really happening before jumping to any conclusions." 

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