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Trump’s Hesitancy to Aid Montenegro ‘Cowardly’

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-ME), co-chair of the bipartisan House Montenegro Caucus, released the following statement after President Trump questioned whether he would provide military aid to NATO ally Montenegro if needed. 

“If President Trump keeps stepping on our allies the way he has, our country’s only friends will be the despots and dictators he seems to admire so much. It’s absolutely disgraceful that he would question whether the United States would come to the aid of Montenegro if needed. After weeks of berating our allies while praising our adversaries, President Trump’s un-American comments further undermine the strength of the NATO alliance and give a nod Vladimir Putin that his transgressions will go unchecked, including possible election interference in Montenegro. 

“The President’s comments are especially offensive to Maine, which has a special relationship with Montenegro as a National Guard State Partnership. For over 10 years now, the Maine Guard has sent service members to help the fledgling country build its military so it can defend its people and strengthen NATO operations. I certainly don’t doubt the importance of their mission to our nation’s interests, which the President is either too ignorant to see or too cowardly to uphold.

"By questioning the US’s commitment to defend NATO allies—who came to our aid after 9/11—President Trump is playing right into Putin’s hand.  Just days after their one-on-one meeting, it only raises further suspicions about the President’s intentions." 

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