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Statement on Judge’s Ruling in GOP Lawsuit Against Affordable Care Act

Portland, ME, December 15, 2018

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) released the following statement regarding a U.S. district judge’s ruling in Texas v. US, a Republican lawsuit seeking to strike down key provisions of the Affordable Care Act:
"In one fell swoop, days before Christmas, a single partisan judge’s decision could strip health care access from millions of Americans. If Texas v. US is allowed to stand, it would eliminate fundamental consumer protections for tens of thousands of Mainers, including for those with preexisting conditions, threaten Medicaid expansion, and eliminate many cost saving initiatives that benefit seniors. Republicans have attempted to repeal the ACA in Congress dozens of times. As they've been unsuccessful in ripping health care from millions through the legislative process, they’ve turned to the courts to accomplish their goal. This absurd ruling will be appealed, and in the meantime, I want to reassure Mainers relying on the ACA’s protections that their 2019 health insurance plans will proceed as expected. The midterm elections were an overwhelming affirmation that Americans want affordable healthcare and the incoming Democratic House will do everything in our power to ensure affordable health care for all.”

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