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Pingree Secures $3 Million to Renovate, Expand Sanford Library

The funding secured by Pingree in the FY 2023 Appropriations bill will be used to renovate and expand the Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library

  • Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) announced $3 million in Community Project Funding to renovate and expand the Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library in Sanford. The funding, which was included by Pingree in the government funding bill for Fiscal Year 2023 passed by Congress this week, will be used to expand the library’s existing space, adding a community room, study rooms, and office space for volunteers to provide a crossroads of access to the town’s many resources. Additionally, funds would be used to update the existing technology currently used by the library.

“The Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library has been dedicated to enriching the minds of its community for more than a century–and no matter the space the public library was housed in, that mission has remained true. Throughout the decades, the Library has worked to better serve the needs of its community and change with the times–renovating spaces, making energy efficient improvements, and more to provide a safe and inspiring environment for learning. I proudly fought to include funding for their latest renovation project to support the Library’s mission to broaden horizons, encourage knowledge, and create a meaningful space for connections within their community,” said Pingree.

“Upon hearing our Community Funding request of $3 million passed, we are elated to have this wonderful news to give to our community! With the new construction, Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library will not only be able to expand our space to better serve our patrons; we will be able to expand the specialized services we provide to patrons and local organizations in a way that will enhance the livelihoods of our community members,” said Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library Director Chip Schrader. “We sincerely appreciate the support and advocacy we have received from Representative Pingree for this project as it reaffirms the relevance, value, importance and significance of public libraries in a free society.” 


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