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Pingree Votes to Deliver $60 Billion in Defense Aid to Ukraine

Maine First District Congresswoman Chellie Pingree and the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bipartisan foreign aid package today that includes $60.8 billion for Ukraine. Pingree released the following statement after the vote on Saturday:

“When Russia’s war against Ukraine began more than two years ago, support for Ukraine in Congress was almost universal. Unfortunately, the right has politicized the war and delayed urgently needed aid for Ukraine. With passage of this overdue defense aid, I hope America can reaffirm our support for Ukraine and commitment to defending democracy abroad. The world is watching. 

“While I am proud to support funding for Ukraine and Indo-Pacific nations facing threats from China, I voted no on sending additional unconditioned military aid to the Netanyahu government.

“I have long supported Israel’s capacity to defend itself through systems like the Iron Dome, David’s Sling, and the Arrow 3 systems. However, after clear violations of international law in Gaza and escalating regional instability spurred by the attack on Iran’s consulate, we cannot continue to send unchecked offensive capabilities to Netanyahu’s government.

“I fully support sending more desperately needed humanitarian aid to Gaza. Congress must continue to prioritize efforts to push the Netanyahu government to deliver more aid more quickly. It’s clear that much more needs to be done. We need a permanent ceasefire now, and immediate steps toward achieving a two-state solution.”

Click here to learn more about Pingree’s actions in Congress to bring about a bilateral permanent ceasefire and deliver humanitarian aid.


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