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Agriculture Appropriator & Longtime Farmer Pingree to Rejoin House Agriculture Committee

Today Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-ME)—a longtime organic farmer and member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture—announced that she will regain her seat on the House Committee on Agriculture. 
In Congress, Pingree has distinguished herself as a successful advocate for reforming food policies to help consumers access healthier food and to support organic and sustainable agriculture. She served on the House Committee on Agriculture from 2009-2012 before taking a seat on the powerful Appropriations Committee. She has now been granted a special waiver to serve on both committees. 
“I’m thrilled to regain my seat on the House Agriculture Committee where I can directly shape policies that make our food system better for farmers, consumers, and the environment,” said Pingree. “Being the only organic farmer on the committee, with years of experience in how policies affect farmers on the ground, also gives me an important perspective to share.  I know how tough it is to be a farmer—and it’s not getting any easier.  Whether it’s extreme weather or shifting consumer demands, there are so many challenges that farmers have to take in account these days.”
“As we implement the recently passed Farm Bill—which includes many reforms I fought for—I’m excited to dig into my work on the Agriculture Committee,” Pingree continued. “I also want to make sure that farmers are represented in the discussions Congress will have about combating climate change. I look forward to highlighting farmers’ success stories around reducing food waste, promoting on-farm energy production, and supporting practices that sequester more carbon in the soil."
Pingree secured a number of provisions in the 2018 Farm Bill, including consolidating and securing funding for key local agriculture programs, creating a national produce prescription pilot program, more than doubling organic agriculture research funding, and taking steps to reduce food waste. Also in the last Congress, Pingree helped create the bipartisan Food Waste Caucus and bipartisan Food Is Medicine Working Group.  
In addition to the Agriculture Committee, Pingree will serve on three Appropriations Subcommittees this Congress—Agriculture, Interior, and Military Construction-Veterans Affairs.
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