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Pingree Statement on Start of 116th Congress and Ending the Government Shutdown

Washington, DC, January 3, 2019

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-ME) released the following statement after being officially sworn in on the House floor as a member of the 116th Congress. 

“It’s an honor to serve Maine’s 1st District in the 116th Congress. I will continue advocating in Washington for the issues that are important to my constituents, like the senior citizen who can’t afford her prescriptions, the fisherman worried about how warming waters will affect his livelihood, and the recent graduate coming to grips with student loan debt. 

“This is a key moment in the history of our country. In November, voters across the nation sent a clear message that Congress should be a check on the President—and that we will be. They also want their Representatives to be more representative of the country’s population. I am thrilled to serve in the most diverse Congress in history and join a record number of women in power. 

“The first actions of the Democratic majority show how we will lead this Congress. The rules by which we will run the House are centered on transparency, accountability, and open debate. HR 1, introduced today, will clean up our elections and restore power to the people. And we will immediately vote to fund the government and end President Trump’s self-inflicted shutdown. 

“The country simply can’t afford to be held hostage to Trump’s demands. The funding bills we will vote on are the product of months of bipartisan work on the Appropriations Committee. They will provide much-needed certainty for federal employees and restore their critical functions, while making room for a meaningful debate on homeland security. The President should accept this package so we can move on to the important issues voters have sent us to Washington to address.”  

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