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Pingree Announces NOAA Grants Totaling $199,704 to Assist Recovery of Protected Marine Mammal Species

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) today announced two Prescott Grants from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) totaling $199,704. The grants, which were awarded to College of the Atlantic and Marine Mammals of Maine, will support the conservation and recovery efforts for stranded marine mammals along the Maine coast.

“The news of a beached whale, seal, or sea lion in Maine is always heartbreaking. These marine mammals are integral to the seas that they live in and they’re an important part of the Gulf of Maine. I’m always inspired by the volunteers and professionals who work to recover and rehabilitate stranded marine mammals. NOAA’s Prescott Grant Program has helped train professionals in conservation and recovery efforts, which are key to ensuring that Maine’s diverse marine population can thrive. These two grants will help our local institutions and their staffers working to protect marine mammals in Maine, and I’m glad they’ll be able to work more effectively as a result of this funding.”


The Prescott Grant Program provides funding for recovery and treatment of stranded marine mammals, data collection from living or dead stranded marine mammals, and facilities, operations, and staffing costs directly related to recovery and treatment of stranded marine mammals. 

Details of the grants are as follows:

  1. College of the Atlantic: Operational support for the Marine Mammal Stranding Response Program for the Mid-coast/Downeast region: $99,981
  2. Marine Mammals of Maine: Enhancing Coastal Ocean Health and Public Awareness through Marine Mammal Stranding Response, Data Collection, and Triage/Rehab Operations in Mid-coast and Southern Maine: $99,723




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