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Pingree Says Historic Abortion Protection Law in Maine Highlights Why ‘Elections Matter’

After Governor Janet Mills signed the historic law that expands abortion access in Maine, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) released the following statement:

“Last June after a rightwing Supreme Court reversed 50 years of settled law and stripped away reproductive freedom in America, we looked to governors and state legislatures to safeguard our rights. With the signing of this law, Governor Janet Mills and Democratic leaders in the Maine legislature have shown how much elections matter. For too long, women have been forced to travel out of state for abortion care needed later in pregnancy. This new law trusts patients to make the best care decisions for themselves and their families, in consultation with their medical providers.

“Maine is a beacon of freedom at a time when Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Utah, Indiana, Wyoming, Ohio, Iowa, Montana, and Nebraska have all rolled back the fundamental rights of women to make their own health care decisions. 

“In the meantime, Congress must protect reproductive freedom at the federal level. Last Congress, the House voted twice to codify Roe into law, only to be blocked by Republicans. We cannot give up.”



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