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Pingree Joins Colleague to Oppose Repeal of Net Neutrality Protections

Ahead of tomorrow’s FCC vote, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) joined over 30 of her colleagues in sending a letter to Chairman Ajit Pai voicing their opposition to his proposal to repeal net neutrality protections.
“The future of the Internet is at stake with tomorrow’s vote. If net neutrality protections are repealed, it will allow Internet service providers to game the system for their benefit like they did before the rules were in place,” said Pingree. “Creating fast and slow lanes on the Internet will allow these corporations to exploit consumers while stifling real innovation. My colleagues are doing everything in our power to keep that from happening.” 

Pingree has also called on the FCC to delay its vote in light of reports finding that millions of comments submitted during the public comment period were likely fake. 

The letter was led by Rep. Keith Ellison. A pdf is available here.

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